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Beautiful Hair Straightening: Quality You Can Only Find at the Salon

Anyone who’s survived a summer in White Plains knows that the humidity we get here in New York State is unbelievable. Every day for six months, we trudge through oppressive sweltering temperatures to get to work.

It doesn’t matter how much time and preparation you put into your Monday morning look: by the time you arrive at your White Plains office you’ll be drenched in sweat and your hair will be a frizzy disaster.

Want to spend a weekend with friends hanging out in the park? Sure—as long as nobody’s taking any photos for Instagram. Hair that chewy is at odds with your personal brand.

What about a lovely summer wedding? A cute idea—but hard to pull off without tying your hair back into a messy bun.

It’s enough to have you green with envy when a sleek-maned individual walks by, tossing their glossy hair over their shoulder as they walk.

I’ll let you in on a secret. They probably weren’t born with hair that smooth and straight. Few people are, and when you toss in a soupy humid climate as we’ve got here in White Plains, it’s pretty much impossible to get a look that polished without help.

That’s where Hair On The Hudson comes in.

Permanent Hair Straightening

Hair On The Hudson is a full-service salon dedicated to helping our customers look and feel their very best. That’s why we specialize in offering hair straightening and hair smoothing treatments at an affordable price. Our keratin hair straightening for men and women relaxes frizzy hair without damaging it with harmful high-heat therapies.

Hair straightening at home naturally using a straightening iron just can’t stand up to the oppressive summer humidity. You’ll waste hours every week carefully straightening your hair only to have it puff up the second you walk out the door. Plus, those straightening irons are a serious fire hazard if left plugged in.

Whatever you call it—permanent hair straightening, hair smoothing treatment, Brazilian blowout—an in-salon hair straightening treatment from Hair On The Hudson is your solution for beautiful glossy hair that’s sleek and shiny all season long.

Keratin Hair Straightening

Hair On The Hudson’s method is simple. We apply safe and effective chemicals that gently relax the protein—called keratin—that makes up your hair. This protein tenses up in the presence of hot and humid air. After permanently resting your hair with a keratin hair straightening treatment from Hair On The Hudson your frizz and flyaways are a thing of the past.

Our Dedication to Customer Service

The best part? Hair On The Hudson’s dedication to providing reasonable rates and fantastic customer service. We offer follow-up appointments to be sure you’re happy with our hair straightening treatments. It’s just one of the many factors that make us the best hair salon for White Plains fashionistas. But don’t just take our word for it—check out our amazing customer reviews of our salon on Yelp! We’re proud of our stellar rating, and we know you’ll be proud of your newly straight and beautiful hair. Call us today to learn more!

Hair On The Hudson Hair Cutting

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